DDPDGENES is a Collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and is composed of 4 strong academic groups and 1 biotechnology company from 4 different European countries: Sweden, UK, Switzerland and Spain.

The DDPDGENES project started January 2012 and finalized in December 2015.   


04/11/2015 Join us at the Parkinson's Open Day at Inbiomed in Donostia. Please visit our Facebook page (link below) for fotoreports on past events.


01/11/2015 DDPDGENES Fall Meeting to be celebrated in Donostia.


27/03/2015 Reserve this date and join us at the Parkinson's Open Day in Barcelona. 


25/03/2015 DDPDGENES Spring Meeting to be celebrated in Barcelona


22/03/2014 Join us at the Parkinson's Open Day at the John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair (in Cambridge). Read more in the Event's section


5/11/2013 Dr. Sten Linnarsson will be guest lecturer at the OUS-Rikshospitalet, Seminar room A3.3067 in Oslo, Norway.


10/12/2013 Dr. Roger Barker will speak at the XX World Congress on Parkinson Disease and related disorders in Geneva, Switzerland.




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